Google helps hacked websites

On the 30th of October has announced new very cool feature within Webmaster Tools. Whole new section is called now Security Issues and offers substantially more information about potential hacking attacks, malware and any other security issues on your site, all conveniently wrapped in one place. Google can help now with recovery of a hacked website and enable webmasters to easier locate code injection instances with examples rather than just let you know that something is wrong without further advice. On top of all new features Google has also set up a dedicated help portal for hacked sites with detailed articles explaining each step of the process to recovery, including videos.

Now every webmaster will be able to:
• Discover more information about any existing security issues – all in one place.
• Identify source of the problem using detailed code snippets.
• Request review for all issues

It truly reassuring to know that Google has been so proactive in helping affected sites. Once you’ve performed a clean up and ensured that site’s security will not be compromised again, you can request a review for all issues with one click of a button straight from the Security Issues page.
More information can be found on

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