Google deprecating AJAX crawling scheme

On Wednesday the 14th of October Google are no longer recommending the AJAX crawling proposal we made back in 2009 ( They openly advise now to use #! in URLs over ?_escaped_fragment_= . “Times have changed. Today, as long as you’re not blocking Googlebot from crawling your JavaScript or CSS files, we are generally able […]

Google Mobile Friendliness and App Banners

Google have just posted about new update to mobile friendliness indicating that in order to provide good user experience on mobile devices app install interstitial can not any longer cover/hide significant amount of the on-page content. “Starting today, we’ll be updating the Mobile-Friendly Test to indicate that sites should avoid showing app install interstitial that […]

Trail Marathon Wales 2015

On Saturday 20 June 2015 I had run my first marathon. I wanted to choose the course I will remember forever and I have to say Trail Marathon Wales has actually surpassed my wildest imaginations. The course is in the most beautiful mountains of the Snowdonia National Park Coed y Brenin. The 42km course features […]

Sascon 2015

Today I had an opportunity to take part in the panel Technical vs Content during first day of Sascon Manchester ; We were discussing what has the biggest impact on organic performance, the technical architecture of a website, or the content.? A view on the market concensus on where you should be spending your time. […]

Mobile friendliness a ranking factor

As part of the mobile market’s evolution, Google recently announced changes to their SEO ranking algorithm that significantly improves the experience of using the web on smartphones. The goal of these changes: to improve search results for smartphone-friendly websites and penalise sites that make mobile browsing difficult. Big news: Expected Algorithmic update – April 21 […]

Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries No Longer Rounds Data

In the recent days we’ve seen a very promising development in Google Webmaster Tools console. John Muller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst has announced that site data & metrics will be more actionable than ever with GWT search queries no longer be rounded & bucketed. Google collects “impressions” & “clicks” to the site and displays […]

Tough Mudder Google Expert

Google Expert has now officially acquired rights to brag about being the toughest and muddiest Google Expert. Team effort has resulted in nice amount being collected for The Mustard Tree – – a fantastic organisation that looks after the homeless and those marginalised by society. Thank you all for your generous donations: More […]

Is Google PageRank dead?

Google page rank is something we SEOs used to pay substantial attention to. If you remember Google Toolbar used to display values from 0 to 10 which would indicate how much authority page had in Google eyes. It was truly helpful tool for quick competitive comparison of different websites from the same sector or great […]

Google stops mugshot websites

According to the New York Times, Google has released another algorithmic update on Thursday 3rd of October . Don’t worry, it’s not another Penguin or Panda ready to roam free, it’s a manual fix in the algorithm designed to stop websites featuring mugshot pictures from ranking highly in Google. If you don’t know what the […]

What is Google Hummingbird Algorithm?

Busy, busy time for all SEOs . So far we’ve been fire fighting increase in not provided data sets, algorithmic updates and “penguins” (Penguin 2.0) running havoc across whole SEO industry. But that’s not all…, Google has broken the news on 26th of September about completely new Google Hummingbird Algorithm. And yes, it’s not another […]

Google helps hacked websites

On the 30th of October has announced new very cool feature within Webmaster Tools. Whole new section is called now Security Issues and offers substantially more information about potential hacking attacks, malware and any other security issues on your site, all conveniently wrapped in one place. Google can help now with recovery of a hacked […]

Google’s Disavow Links Tool

Last week Google’s Chief Engineer Matt Cutts has introduced the much anticipated Google Disavow Links Tool which is now available to all webmasters through Google’s Webmaster Tools service. It’s a follow up to Google’s unnatural links messages sent earlier this year triggered by the evidence of paid links, link exchanges or other link-related schemes violating […]

Google Penguin Update

Penguin Update What does that animal wants with me? Google has now confirmed that the Penguin update has been fully rolled out. The official launch was on April 24. According to Matt Cuts penguin update isn’t designed as a penalty but it’s more of the full on algorithmic change which is supposed to level the […]