SearchReviews has just launched a search engine with more than 40 million reviews

SearchReviews has just launched a search engine with more than 40 million reviews in its system. Company plans to increase that number to 100 million reviews by the end of 2011.

SearchReviews currently cover about four million products and come from more than a thousand sites including of course likes such as TripAdvisor, Amazon, Zappos and etc.
Will SEM and SEO Experts benefit from SearchReviews? Let’s look at some facts below.

SearchReviews appears to have the largest searchable database of strictly review content anywhere.

Main competitors are; Buzzillions and Bazaarvoice. There’s also Google Places, which has an enormous collections of reviews and sources.

SearchReviews launches with apps that are available for both the iPhone and Android devices.

SearchReviews crawls more than thousand websites to obtain review content and aggregates them into its database, supposedly adding about two million reviews every week.
One of the impressive aspects of SearchReviews is that it indexes review content, not just business and product names. So, someone looking for “meatball pizza Vancouver” can find reviews that very specifically mention those words. That provides new opportunities for optimising product reviews.
SearchReviews with some further development should become a valuable source for consumers seeking out review information.

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