What is Google Hummingbird Algorithm?

Busy, busy time for all SEOs . So far we’ve been fire fighting increase in not provided data sets, algorithmic updates and “penguins” (Penguin 2.0) running havoc across whole SEO industry.

But that’s not all…, Google has broken the news on 26th of September about completely new Google Hummingbird Algorithm. And yes, it’s not another algorithmic update but completely new shining algorithm. More interestingly new algorithm has been in place for a month now and no one has noticed!
Google claims results coming from use of new algorithm are to be faster and more precise hence name Hummingbird.

New algorithm is designed to provide better answers to searchers’ questions utilising Google’s Knowledge Graph in much more advanced way then before.
More information on how Google evolves in use of the Knowledge Graph and addresses multi-device usage I encourage to have a look at following post- http://insidesearch.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/fifteen-years-onand-were-just-getting.html

A couple of facts to digest:
• Google has quietly changed algorithm around a month ago and announced it only on 26th of September
• It’s supposed to be faster and more precise
• New algorithm is more “intelligent” looking into not only keyword matching but also intent behind search query
• New algoritm takes integration with knowledge graph to new level
• New algorithm is supposed to better handle complex long tail queries
• Social signal even more important than before
• New engine still uses learning’s from all Google updates like Venice, Panda and Penguin series.

I recommend following Article from Search Engine Land which provides nice Google Hummingbird FAQs – http://searchengineland.com/google-hummingbird-172816

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