Future of SEO and Google Semantic Search

We all ask this burning question – how will future of SEO look like?. In the wake of Google Penguin 2.0 and 2.1 killing backlinks,Google Humingbird algorithm update and sudden growth of “not provided” data triggered by Google defaulting to SSL search, just like any other SEO I’ve been trying to systemise and answer my own questions and doubts caused by all the changes we’ve recently experienced.

Some of my recent thoughts and questions worth crunching on;

• Discovering user intent using keyword data
• Predictions based on location, search history, circles and type of the device
• Google Hummingbird, Knowledge Graph, Voice Search and Google Now
• Matt Cutts search experience optimisation is the future of SEO – more info in the video here
• What experience do we want a visitor to have on our site?
• What are touch points, key actions and conversion points SEO and CRO.
• Technical SEO will prevail
• From links to answers
• Search engines want to “understand” more using structured data / microdata – I recommend you study schema markups at http://schema.org if you haven’t already
• Schema as technical language creating identifiers or entities that Google is very and will increasingly be interested in. That is how together with Knowledge Graph Hummingbird will be “connecting dots”.
• Google is rapidly adopting semantic search technologies
• Schema as technical language creating identifiers or entities
• Entity search, knowledge graph helping bots to better understand, match and create better response to a query

Use of semantic search coupled with semantic markup allows will be sharply increasing as Google needs more information and quickly for its Knowledge Graph. That is how Hummingbird will be able to increasingly provide better answers to user queries on various devices – wow, that is nearly like intelligent & learning algorithm. I therefore recommend to focus on technical SEO and definitely embracing semantic markup.

To conclude this space is definitely worth watching…….

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