Google says thank you to top contributors

Google has launched last week second Top Contributors Summit after testing the idea for the first time in 2011.

If you don’t know who the Top Contributor is let me explain; Top Contributors are highly experienced individuals helping (for free) to resolve various problems or sharing useful tips on how to get more out of Google range of products. They’ve have been a vital line of help in resolving many Google related products issues for the growing range of official Google product forums;

According to Google Top Contributor volunteers contribute across 250 product communities in as much as 26 languages.
During summit Top Contributors were also able to test latest Google products and technologies including Google Glass. It’s really nice to see that Google utilises and appreciates advocacy of such individuals.

My own experience with Top Contributors has always been a positive one, particularly for Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics support forums.

So thank you all, job well done for being there and helping us all when it seems as Google itself is not able or willing to help.

You may find more details on the event in the original blog here –

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