Google stops mugshot websites

According to the New York Times, Google has released another algorithmic update on Thursday 3rd of October .
Don’t worry, it’s not another Penguin or Panda ready to roam free, it’s a manual fix in the algorithm designed to stop websites featuring mugshot pictures from ranking highly in Google.

If you don’t know what the mugshot site is than let me explain. It’s a website which makes money by obtaining and publicising mugshot pictures and extorting money from the affected individuals to get them removed. This is the story that apparently triggered head of search spam Mat Cutts to take action –

I think as it’s high time for such action as apparently FBI has received thousands of complaints related to such practices. Mugshot sites can charge anywhere between $70 to $1400 USD for the removal of the mugshot picture, often for the picture to re-emerge on another site of this type later.

Time will show how effective the algorithmic update will be.

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