Is Google PageRank dead?

Google page rank is something we SEOs used to pay substantial attention to. If you remember Google Toolbar used to display values from 0 to 10 which would indicate how much authority page had in Google eyes. It was truly helpful tool for quick competitive comparison of different websites from the same sector or great indicator of site’s quality when scouting for links.
Over the last couple of years we’ve seen Google substantially limiting its support for the PageRank and now Chrome doesn’t support it anymore and Google Toolbar for Firefox has been suspended too.

This year we had only one PageRank update around February. Additionally head of Google webspam team Matt Cutts has recently indicated that it’s highly unlikely for Google to update is in the reminder of 2014.

Soo, it looks like Google Page Rank is dead…

If you are still unsure what the PageRank is I recommend following article -

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