Online Businesses Damaged by Googles Farmer Update

Founder of Mahalo, Jason Calacanis announced today that he has cut about 10% of its staff due to traffic and revenue losses from the Farmer update. If there’s any recovery for Mahalo it will come too late for some employees.

Google has become aware that some genuine websites have been hurt by the recent algorithm update and is working to fix the problem already. Amit Singhal from Google, comments that the new algorithm’s effects are positive, but unfortunately “no algorithm is 100% accurate.” That obviously presents new challenge to all SEO experts.

Another victim the Cult of Mac, an Apple-centric blog supposedly lost 80% of its keyword rankings shortly after Google announced that the new algorithm had been launched.
In response to above Google has indicated that its engineers are building a new layer on top of the present algorithm to make it even more accurate than it is.

It’s possible that Google’s changes are already rolling out.

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